ADVISORY — Struggling Uninsured Rally for Health Care for Holidays


Media Contact
Olivia Babis, Florida Consumer Action Network, (727) 217-5291
Athena Smith Ford, Florida CHAIN, (570) 760-1828

Thursday, December 18th 12:00 Noon
St. Petersburg City Hall

 “Healthcare for the Holidays”

Local Leaders to Call on State Lawmakers to Close Florida’s Coverage Gap with Photo Display of Floridians in the Gap

ST. PETERSBURG: With the holidays around the corner, local leaders, health care advocates, and people stuck in the Florida Coverage Gap will gather on the front steps of St. Petersburg City Hall to highlight what Florida really needs this holiday season: healthcare coverage for the uninsured. They will be joined by dozens of large photographs of uninsured Floridians (similar to the one attached) will hang in the background as a powerful visual.

Advocates and providers will speak about the coverage gap in Florida and the economic effects it has on the local community, while impacted citizens share their personal stories about what life is like stuck in the Florida coverage gap.

The Florida Coverage Gap was created by the failure of Florida lawmakers to accept more than $50 billion made available to our state by the Affordable Care Act so that Floridians making around the poverty line or less could get access to health care coverage.

This event will also include the Lives on the Line exhibit, a collection of over 60 full page photographs of individual Floridians stuck in the coverage gap. They’ve been collected from clinics and town centers across the state and will be displayed in multiple cities before eventually making their way to the Capitol. This powerful visual will make its St. Petersburg debut at this event.

Who: Darden Rice, City Council Member, St. Petersburg

Olivia Babis, Community Organizer, Florida Consumer Action Network

Athena Smith Ford, Advocacy Director, Florida CHAIN

Alex Salfer-Hobbs, Consumer in Coverage Gap

Dr. Mona Mangat, Doctors for America

When: Thursday, Dec 18, at 12:00 NOON

Where: Front Steps of St. Petersburg City Hall, 175 5th St N, St Petersburg, FL

Visuals: Holiday themed clothesline with photos of Floridians stuck in the coverage gap and a small crowd of supporters with handmade campaign signs