Business As Usual


Every United States election brings promise of change, and sometimes that can be worrisome to people whose candidate did not win. Florida CHAIN wants you to know that we are standing strong with you, the Florida consumers who deserve and demand affordable health care coverage.  Our staff, our partners and our navigators continue business as usual, as there are no immediate changes forthcoming.  There is always a lot of heated rhetoric from both sides during an election.  We hope that any new Administration would work with Congress and interested parties before making drastic changes, to make sure that Americans are not going to be left stranded without options for health care insurance, and that changes will be done in measured steps and ample communication with everyone affected.

These facts remain as true today as they were when this week started:

  1. Open enrollment continues with the same deadlines for coverage in place for 2017. Consumers will have coverage through 2017. The marketplace remains open for business and in-person help and financial assistance are available to consumers who need them.
  1. We know that consumers have questions about the election and the implications for their coverage moving forward and if anything were to change about coverage options for 2017, Florida CHAIN will be available to help consumers understand what, exactly, those changes mean. Right now, it is critically important that you can be assured that nothing has changed.
  1. Millions of people, like you, need health care coverage. The best thing that consumers who are in need of health care can do now is to enroll in the marketplace. Our elected officials need to understand that Americans value and need quality, affordable health care. More than 12 million Americans have come to count on the coverage they’ve purchased through the Affordable Care Act marketplace, and another 15 million have gained coverage through Medicaid since 2013.
  1. Florida CHAIN’s work and that of our partners across Florida to increase access to healthcare for Floridians remains a core value for all of us. We will continue to advocate for consistent access to preventive, primary, and specialty care for all Americans.

Our primary focus continues to be on ensuring that consumers know what their options are for affordable coverage for 2017.  As a consumer advocacy organization that fights every day to make sure that consumers have a say in decisions that affect their health, Florida CHAIN encourages you to share your support for the Affordable Care Act with your elected officials. Click here to learn more and share your story.  You can email us at [email protected] with any questions you might have.