Affordable Care Act


What do we know? Resistance and voters being vocal is working! Chances are that if you are reading this, you have more than a passing interest in the biggest debate of our lifetimes.  There is no more vital issue to human beings than their health, and all of the related activities associated with either being […]

With Health Policy Lemons, Florida Advocates Make Lemonade: Protecting Consumers From Unfair Surprise Medical Bills

Policy and Research Director Laura Brennaman, PhD, RN, guest blogged this week for Community Catalyst about CHAIN’s work to protect Floridians from surprise medical bills. Governor Scott last month signed HB 221 into law effectively ending balance billing for consumers. Take a read of Dr. Brennaman’s blog below. Despite political opposition to the Affordable Care Act at […]

CHAIN’s Brennaman: Expanding Medicaid Could Help Florida’s Finances

Florida will have more federal money to reimburse health care providers for care they provide uninsured patients if the state accepts federal funding for Medicaid expansion, says Florida CHAIN’s Policy & Research Director Laura Brennaman, PhD, RN. Dr. Brennaman told WMNF’s Sean Kinane that the federal government’s 60-day extension to spend about $166 million to fund […]

(Video) Gap Consumer shares her story: It is not a factor of being lazy

Alison King is a very grateful patient of the Brandon Outreach Clinic near Tampa, Florida. She relies on the free health services of volunteer medical staff at Brandon to help her manage her many health issues. Alison sat down at the Brandon Outreach Clinic in September 2014 to share her story with community members and […]

Rate-Filing Season in the Marketplace: What You Need to Know

Get ready to hear even more over the next few months about the extent to which health insurance rates are supposedly rising under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  Here’s a brief rundown of some of the realities with which you may want to be familiar as that conversation unfolds in Florida: Reports of widespread, massive […]

Dual citizen plans to return to England after struggling with US healthcare system

Suzanne Clark is a dual citizen of the US and England. Until the last several years, she lived in New York, where she enjoyed employment that included health insurance. She had no idea that moving to Florida would make it such a struggle to obtain healthcare. She’s decided to move back to England and lives […]

Son aged out of Medicaid, Mom left alone to deal with illnesses

Krista shared her story at a Health Insurance Marketplace enrollment event after she learned she was ineligible for coverage in the Marketplace because of her low income. Her illnesses prevent her from working routinely. “I’m 44 years old, I have a disability but haven’t gotten approved yet (SSDI). I’m going to court to work on […]

Que Hacer Si Usted No Puede Obtener Cobertura en el Mercado de Seguros Medicos

Pulse aqui para descubrir qué hacer si usted no puede obtener cobertura en el Mercado de Seguros Médicos

From the Field: Health Care Law’s Positive Impact on Women

By Leah Barber-Heinz is the CEO of Florida CHAIN Featured on Every Women Southeast Blog Lost in all of the political wrangling over the Affordable Care Act is the fact that Florida’s women, an astounding 1.4 million of whom are uninsured, will see a huge positive impact thanks to these reforms. The new law creates […]

Get Covered Tax Subsidy Calculator

Curious about your monthly health insurance costs with a plan from the Health Insurance Marketplace? Check out the Get Covered Calculator. This tool allows health care consumers to calculate their estimated monthly health insurance cost. For Tax Subsidy Calculator in Spanish, click here.