Affordable Care Act

Our Statement on the Repeal and Replace Failure

Rick Scott used to actually promote Medicaid expansion, until the more conservative legislative leadership shut it down. By channeling our voices like was just accomplished, we can put that topic back on the table. For all intents and purposes, the ACA, and Medicaid expansion, will remain the law of the land. There is an awfully big pot of money out there if Florida chose to pursue it, a pot which Floridians helped provide with their taxes.

Uninsured Floridians Grow Efforts to Expand Health Coverage

Consumers Union and Florida CHAIN For Immediate Release:  Monday, April 15, 2013 Media Contacts: Kara Kelber, [email protected], 202-462-6262, or Leah Barber-Heinz, [email protected], 850-294-6087 Uninsured Floridians Grow Efforts to Expand Health Coverage Consumers Union and Florida CHAIN Put a Face on Florida Health Coverage Expansion Tallahassee, FL – As the Florida legislature continues to debate expanding […]

Bills “Implementing” ACA Insurance Rules Amount to Deregulation of Health Insurance, Would Place Florida Consumers at Risk

Florida-  Today, the Senate Banking and Insurance Committee will consider SPB 7138, while the House Select Committee on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will take up PCB SPPACA 13-02. The two bills address the role of the state’s Office of Insurance Regulation in enforcing the major private health insurance reforms of the federal […]

Health Care for Florida Now Reacts to Governor Scott’s Medicaid Announcement

Florida – The Health Care for Florida Now coalition is pleased with Governor Rick Scott’s decision to accept federal Medicaid dollars that have been put aside to extend coverage to one million hard-working Floridians. Not only is this the right thing to do for struggling families who are still trying to regain footing from the recession, but it also […]

Reaction to Governor Scott’s Medicaid Expansion Announcement

Florida – It was extremely encouraging to learn that the Governor has agreed that Florida should accept the federal funds needed to extend Medicaid coverage to almost a million low-income, uninsured adults. Many of the people impacted have jobs and will be gaining coverage for the first time. The Governor’s decision is the right one for Floridians […]

Over 10,800 Floridians support extending Medicaid to working families: Petition to be presented at PPACA Hearing Today

Press Advisory: February 18, 2013 Contact: Leah Barber-Heinz, 850-294-6087, [email protected] Tallahassee, FL – In an overwhelming display of support, over 10,800 Floridians signed a petition calling on state legislators and the Governor to accept federal dollars already put aside to expand health coverage to up to 1 million residents of Florida through Medicaid and the […]

Laid-off, Uninsured Teacher to Testify at FL Capitol

Health consumers and advocates are speaking up to ensure the real stories of Florida’s uninsured are being heard as lawmakers decide whether to accept federal Medicaid dollars to broaden coverage to one million more people. Tallahassee – Lawmakers on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) select committees will be meeting jointly today to […]

Website launched to inform Floridians of life-saving provisions under Affordable Care Act

Contact:  Damien Filer: 850-212-1858 / [email protected] Leah Barber-Heinz 850-294-6087 / [email protected] TALLAHASSEE – Progress Florida and Florida CHAIN have launched Health Care for Florida Now to educate Floridians about new health coverage opportunities and to engage public support to protect, implement, and support the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The newly unveiled website is at  and […]

Health Advocates Response to Governor Scott’s Budget: Not Accepting Medicaid Dollars is Unfair and Fiscally Irresponsible

Florida – Today, Governor Scott missed a crucial opportunity to finally invest in health care to create jobs and address Florida’s unfair health care system that leaves millions behind. Governor Scott’s 2013-2014 proposed budget reflects his ongoing trend of putting politics before the health care needs of Floridians. Once again, Governor Scott is proposing to […]

Advocates to feds: FL has waited too long to set up state Exchange

Health advocates to feds: Florida has waited too long to set up a state-based health insurance exchange Many health advocacy organizations signed on to a letter sent today to the U.S. Health and Human Services Department  to ensure a consumer-driven, transparent health insurance exchange is a top priority Florida – Because Florida leaders have stalled implementation of the Affordable Care Act […]