Children’s Health

CHAIN Statement on Florida Medicaid Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Aimed at Improving Access to Medical and Dental Care for Children

Florida CHAIN spokesman Kyle Simon released the following statement in response to a Tampa Bay Times editorial addressing a recent class action lawsuit settlement related to children’s health care: Florida CHAIN commends the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration for reaching a settlement to the litigation initiated on behalf of Florida’s vulnerable children who had limited access […]

[Comunicado De Prensa] – Los 436,000 Niños Sin Seguro Médico en la Florida

COMUNICADO DE PRENSA 21 de noviembre de 2013 Contacto: Leah Barber-Heinz / 850-294-6087 / [email protected] Damien Filer / 850-212-1858 / [email protected] El Reporte de la Universidad de Georgetown Encuentra Buenas Noticias Para Los Niños de la Florida Aunque las tasas han bajado, mucho más trabajo se requiere para poder cubrir los 436,000 niños sin seguro […]

Florida’s 436,000 Uninsured Children

PRESS STATEMENT November 20, 2013 Contact:  Leah Barber-Heinz / 850-294-6087 / [email protected] Damien Filer / 850-212-1858 / [email protected] Georgetown University Report Finds Good News for Florida Children Though rates are down, there is much work to be done to cover Florida’s 436,000 uninsured children A new report by the Georgetown University Center for Children and […]

Today – Child Advocates Released “Toolbox” Report on Florida’s Uninsured Kids

PRESS RELEASE: October 30, 2012 Contact: Leah Barber-Heinz, Communications Director, 850-294-6087, [email protected] On today’s tele-press call, impacted families and advocates will discuss barriers and solutions to the high rates of uninsured children in Florida Florida – Florida ranks 3rd in the nation in the number of uninsured kids, despite the tireless work of child advocates in […]

Tomorrow – Tele-Press Conference: FL Child Advocates to Release “Toolbox” Report on Uninsured Kids

MEDIA ADVISORY: October 29, 2012 Contact: Leah Barber-Heinz, Communications Director, 850-294-6087; [email protected] In response to the high rate of Florida’s uninsured children, KidsWell Florida has developed a valuable resource on increasing access to health care for children   Florida – Though Florida has made great strides in improving access to health care to children in recent […]