Insurance: Consumer Protections

Forced into Early Retirement, and Left Uninsured!

Jerry Knipp, 62, of Lake County is grateful for being able to enroll in the health care marketplace this enrollment period. He shares, “I am so thankful to the navigator who helped me apply for health care coverage. She was so humble, friendly and knowledgeable, and made enrolling a smooth process.” Mr. Knipp spent the […]

Incomplete Reporting of Marketplace “Premium Increases” Misleads, Harms Consumers

Despite an array of reports to the contrary, most consumers purchasing health coverage in the Marketplace for 2015 can pay about the same – or lower – in monthly premiums for the same level of coverage as they did in 2014. Underlying the confusion is the fact that the amount each consumer using Premium Tax […]

Newly Insured – For the First Time

When Joan Gordon, 49, chose a health plan for her family on the exchange, it is the first time her family has ever had health insurance. “We’ve always paid cash for our medical visits. And I know we don’t get care as good as we will now that we have insurance,” says a relieved Joan. […]

Irene Got Covered and Shared Her Very Personal Story

Hello. My name is Irene Jacusis and I would like to share with you my healthcare success story. Earlier this year I lost my husband to a very aggressive cancer. Neither one of us had insurance prior to him getting ill and as a result, he put off going to the doctor as long as […]

Advocates Request Review of Florida’s Essential Health Benefits Package

More than two dozen organizations have sent a letter to Florida Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty that will be a topic of discussion at a rare meeting of the Florida Health Insurance Advisory Board, the group appointed by the Commissioner to discuss issues related to the regulation of health insurance in the state. The request is that […]

Understanding Health Insurance Rate Filings…in Florida

Click here to download Greg Mellowe’s presentation on Health Insurance Rate filings in Florida.

Rate-Filing Season in the Marketplace: What You Need to Know

Get ready to hear even more over the next few months about the extent to which health insurance rates are supposedly rising under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  Here’s a brief rundown of some of the realities with which you may want to be familiar as that conversation unfolds in Florida: Reports of widespread, massive […]

2014 Florida Legislature’s Health Care Legacy: Inaction, Irresponsibility

When the Florida Legislature adjourned its 2014 session earlier this month, the primary health care-related “accomplishment” it could claim was its decision to blatantly disregard Florida’s families, businesses and economy for purely political purposes. (Download PDF of  The 2014 Legislature’s Health Care Legacy: Inaction,  Irresponsibility  here) Sheer Force of Will Shuts Down Discussion and Blocks […]

Young graduate student needs access to health care

Menat applied to the Health Insurance Marketplace in December 2013. She was deemed ineligible for the Marketplace due to her low income, leaving any full-price plan unaffordable. Menat is a full-time graduate student studying speech language pathology at a large university in Florida. She has been uninsured for over two years and lost access to […]

Dual citizen plans to return to England after struggling with US healthcare system

Suzanne Clark is a dual citizen of the US and England. Until the last several years, she lived in New York, where she enjoyed employment that included health insurance. She had no idea that moving to Florida would make it such a struggle to obtain healthcare. She’s decided to move back to England and lives […]