Fact Sheet: Close The Coverage Gap 2016

Click here to download this PDF on closing the coverage gap for Floridians in 2016.

On the Issues: Mental Health and Medicaid Expansion

• Every dollar that Florida would invest to increase the eligibility for Medicaid Medical Assistance would return $13.41 in matched and enhanced federal funds1. • Health insurance coverage is crucial for individuals who have mental illnesses to access consistent, quality mental health services that promote recovery. • Access to behavioral health treatment — services and […]

Florida Substance Abuse Disorder and Medicaid Expansion Factsheet

If Florida accepted the $51 BILLION in federal funds to expand health care for 1.1 MILLION Floridians, as many as 175,000 people with substance abuse problems could get the treatment they need. Click here this and more facts about the importance of health care expansion for all Floridians.

Getting Covered in Florida: No Wrong Door

The “No Wrong Door” approach of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) means that you should be able to qualify for and be enrolled in the right program: No matter which program you actually apply for. No matter which application form you fill out – state or federal, online or paper. There are two equivalent but […]

Former Foster Youth Medicaid Q&A

Click here for former foster youth Medicaid Q&As.

Guaranteed Medicaid Eligibility for Young Adults Who Have Aged Out of Foster Care

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), most young adults who have aged out of Florida’s foster care system will be eligible for Medicaid until they turn 26. Click here for a fact sheet on Guaranteed Medicaid Eligibility for Young Adults who have aged out of Foster Care.

2013 Medicaid Expansion Campaign Highlights

During the 2013 Legislative Session, Florida CHAIN educated, advocated, and organized communities from across Florida in support of expanding access to health care coverage under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The Legislature had the opportunity to accept $51 billion in available funding to cover over 1 million currently uninsured Floridians. Through media outreach, […]

10 False Claims about the Proposed Alternatives to Medicaid Expansion

Claim #1: “The House plan gives people a real choice of private health insurance like legislators have.” Reality:          The House plan would provide $167 a month (with an additional $25 contributed by the enrollee), which is simply not enough to buy coverage that provides adequate benefits and affordable deductibles, co-pays, etc. The only way these […]

Comparison of Medicaid Expansion Alternatives

Click for a comparison of Medicaid Expansion Alternatives:  Healthy Florida vs. Florida Health Choices Plus+ vs. Health Choice Plus produced by Florida Center for Fiscal and Economic Policy.

Breakdown of Medicaid Expansion Populations

Click to view our  breakdown of Medicaid Expansion populations.