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(Video) Gap Consumer shares her story: It is not a factor of being lazy

Alison King is a very grateful patient of the Brandon Outreach Clinic near Tampa, Florida. She relies on the free health services of volunteer medical staff at Brandon to help her manage her many health issues. Alison sat down at the Brandon Outreach Clinic in September 2014 to share her story with community members and […]

Divorcee’ finds affordable care through Florida’s healthcare exchange

During her married years, Joyce Dauby, 59, health insurance was never a question. She always had access to affordable healthcare either through her work or through her husband’s employer. “When my husband and I were going through our divorce I needed health insurance until I could find full-time employment. Presently I’m working on getting my […]

Mid-life career change creates struggles to afford healthcare

Laurie Pinna is unemployed. It’s a unique situation for the 49 year old who has worked in retail for 30 years. “I’ve gone through my savings and find myself struggling financially.” A full time student at USF finishing her degree in Information Technology, Laurie feels strongly that if she is ever to have better job […]

Young graduate student needs access to health care

Menat applied to the Health Insurance Marketplace in December 2013. She was deemed ineligible for the Marketplace due to her low income, leaving any full-price plan unaffordable. Menat is a full-time graduate student studying speech language pathology at a large university in Florida. She has been uninsured for over two years and lost access to […]

Frustrated law school student struggles without healthcare

Christina Coella is a law school student and single mom living without health insurance. She’s been seven years without coverage. Her part-time work as a paralegal doesn’t provide her with health insurance, however, she’s grateful to have her son covered under the Florida KidCare program. About the refusal to expand Medicaid by Florida legislators she […]

Son aged out of Medicaid, Mom left alone to deal with illnesses

Krista shared her story at a Health Insurance Marketplace enrollment event after she learned she was ineligible for coverage in the Marketplace because of her low income. Her illnesses prevent her from working routinely. “I’m 44 years old, I have a disability but haven’t gotten approved yet (SSDI). I’m going to court to work on […]

Fifth Generation Floridian Struggles to Survive Healthcare Wilderness

Kathleen Voss Woolrich is proud of her family heritage. Her great-grandmother, Lillie Pierce Voss, was recently inducted into the Florida Woman’s Hall of Fame in a ceremony presided over by Governor Rick Scott. “My great-grandmother was a strong pioneer woman who lived among the Seminole Indians in the wilds of Palm Beach County. I come […]

Former Office Manager of Thirty Years Struggles with Chronic Disease

The irony of Joslyn Elliott’s current circumstances is remarkable. For much of her thirty years of working, she generously provided help to many. In those prosperous years Elliott worked, paid taxes, enjoyed good health, invested and saved her earnings and did what she could for others. She raised her children, helped them achieve college degrees […]

Uninsured and No Hope for Access to Medicaid

While waiting in line for a free sandwich at the St. Vincent de Paul food panty, Robbie James, 46, dabbed steadily at his red, watering left eye with a paper napkin; the rough texture adding subtle relief to an uncertain ailment. Robbie visits the panty by bike in the early morning for a free lunch […]

Uninsured Self-Employed Cosmetologist Would Benefit from Medicaid Expansion

Paulette Wilson, a self-employed cosmetologist from Miami, relies on a patchwork of clinics and emergency care to manage her high blood pressure and diabetes. When she does need to see a doctor, she pays out of pocket and has incurred medical debt over the years as a result. She says her health would be better with health insurance, but with an annual salary of $15,000, Paulette can’t afford to buy insurance and doesn’t qualify for Medicaid, until Florida expands the program eligibility under the ACA.