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Divorcee’ finds affordable care through Florida’s healthcare exchange

During her married years, Joyce Dauby, 59, health insurance was never a question. She always had access to affordable healthcare either through her work or through her husband’s employer. “When my husband and I were going through our divorce I needed health insurance until I could find full-time employment. Presently I’m working on getting my […]

Senior’s medication more affordable with ACA

Carol has a Medicare Advantage Plan- Humana Gold. She suffers from chronic depression, bone loss and has had four back surgeries so she takes pain medication as well. She has about eight prescription drugs she takes regularly. She fell into the Medicare donut hole for the first time in July, 2012. She didn’t pick up […]

Can’t afford prescriptions even though covered by Medicaid and Medicare

I live on a fixed income so each month, I face the decision of which bills to pay and which medicines to purchase. I have “maxed out” my credit cards trying to make ends meet and cannot seem to get ahead. I do not qualify for state assistance for food because my income is too high.

Health insurance costs challenge state retirees

My health insurance costs are deducted from my retirement check. After our mortgage is paid from my retirement check, I receive $820 dollars from my retirement from the state of Florida.

Education and experience not enough to navigate health care system

We are struggling to pay bills and have money for food and medication. Many times I do without my medication. I have Medicare, and am also on my husband’s insurance at his job, so I can get medication. But the co-pays are still often very much, and his monthly premium is unbelievably high

Two year Medicare wait despite paralysis brings indigence

I do not qualify for any assistance and can’t afford health care. At my age, as a paraplegic, an infection could be fatal. I worked and contributed to a system for 23 years and now I am left with nothing and no health care options for 2 years. I’ve exhausted all of my resources, drained my savings and ultimately lost everything.