What do we know? Resistance and voters being vocal is working! Chances are that if you are reading this, you have more than a passing interest in the biggest debate of our lifetimes.  There is no more vital issue to human beings than their health, and all of the related activities associated with either being […]

Miami Herald: State Could Help More Sick, Poor, But Won’t

By The Miami Herald Editorial Board Miami-Dade County, in many respects, is a great place to live, but a new report reveals that for the poor and sick, it continues to be a harsh place where they can barely survive. On Wednesday, the Florida Community Health Action Information Network, will unveil its latest findings — and […]

Op-Ed: Legislature Must Tackle Health Care This Session

By Kim Williams Imagine you own a restaurant and are forced to charge your customers less than what it costs to make their meals. Now, imagine that you must serve every single patron who walks through your doors, including those who are unable to cover the cost of their food. That is a difficult, and even […]

CHAIN’s Brennaman: Expanding Medicaid Could Help Florida’s Finances

Florida will have more federal money to reimburse health care providers for care they provide uninsured patients if the state accepts federal funding for Medicaid expansion, says Florida CHAIN’s Policy & Research Director Laura Brennaman, PhD, RN. Dr. Brennaman told WMNF’s Sean Kinane that the federal government’s 60-day extension to spend about $166 million to fund […]

Former Construction Worker Shares His Gap Story

John Davis, 48, of Port Charlotte, FL is uninsured and not working. John, like thousands of others in Florida is stuck in the disgraceful coverage gap. He does not qualify for coverage through the marketplace exchange, nor does he qualify for Medicaid coverage. He is living with severe health issues that are taking a detrimental […]

(Video) Gap Consumer shares her story: It is not a factor of being lazy

Alison King is a very grateful patient of the Brandon Outreach Clinic near Tampa, Florida. She relies on the free health services of volunteer medical staff at Brandon to help her manage her many health issues. Alison sat down at the Brandon Outreach Clinic in September 2014 to share her story with community members and […]

Best Kept Secrets: Are Non-Profit Hospitals Informing Patients About Charity Care Programs?

Non-profit hospitals have a special obligation to provide charity care because, as charitable institutions, they receive valuable federal, state and local tax exemptions. In exchange they are expected to provide community benefits, including free or discounted care for patients in need.

Help with COBRA Snakes a Bit Further

One important piece of the stimulus legislation passed by Congress last February was financial assistance that slashed COBRA premiums by two-thirds for workers who lose their jobs before December 31, 2009 (and their families). The 2010 Department of Defense Appropriations Act extends this assistance.