An Important Announcement from the Board of Directors of Florida CHAIN

November 21, 2016

Due to the election of Donald Trump, there has been an immediate consequential impact to once dependable funding support which enabled Florida CHAIN’s advocacy work in Florida.

Florida CHAIN (Community Health Action Information Network) has provided 17 years of Florida consumer health care advocacy. Due to the uncertain clarity regarding the future of health care and insurance, our mission of being a voice for those Floridians lacking one may face silencing.

Our work over nearly two decades has seen Florida CHAIN taking a lead role in Florida as a clearinghouse for information that consumers need regarding enrollment, Zika, children’s health, Medicare, Medicaid expansion, Close the Gap, healthcare for immigrants, and the continuing challenges to health care reform by many of our elected officials in Tallahassee and Washington. This year alone, Florida CHAIN released 3 regional Reports in Miami, Tampa and Orlando highlighting the challenges faced by residents in those regions in terms of availability of health care coverage.  Florida CHAIN produced multiple Town Hall Style events, webinars and conference calls over the past several years, bringing experts, consumers and media together for frank conversations on topical issues. We are proud of being the “go-to” information network for those seeking information regarding public health care policy and opportunities in Florida.

The Florida CHAIN Board of Directors has been forced to make a prudent and difficult business decision to preserve Florida CHAIN’s ability to operate in a limited role until such time that we have a better understanding of the future of health care in Florida and the United States.

The Board of Directors has determined that shifting immediately to a Board driven volunteer effort will preserve and protect key resources for targeted advocacy efforts.  The Board of Directors wishes to express its appreciation for the hard work and dedication of the current members of our staff. We will work diligently through December 2016 modifying our business operation to prepare for whatever the 2017 political climate brings.

The Board of Directors stresses that although Florida CHAIN’s role in current Open Enrollment efforts will necessarily modify, this in no way affects the current Affordable Care Act enrollment campaign being offered by our partners at Covering Florida and Enroll America/Florida. Our website,  and social media platforms will remain online and active. Florida CHAIN will continue to provide messaging, pertinent press briefings and availability and a social media presence as much as possible for the foreseeable future.

The Board of Directors will monitor developments in Washington D.C. and Tallahassee during the upcoming Congressional and Legislative sessions and make a decision once a better understanding of what President-elect Trump’s promised “repeal and replace” will actually mean.  Historically, as a non-profit we have been dependent on the generosity of large foundation and government funders.  Until the winds of change subside and a clearer understanding of the future health care and insurance landscape develops, Florida CHAIN needs your help, now more than ever before. Key funder groups are as mystified as most people at this moment. We are asking for individual donations to help us sustain our new limited operation and to help build a future of continuing active and robust advocacy efforts in Florida.  Secure online donations can be made here or mailed to Florida CHAIN, P.O. Box 970844, Coconut Creek, FL 33097

For media and program inquiries, please contact Jody Young, Communications Director, at 561-704-3912 or [email protected]