Long Term Care Waiver Section of Website Launched

This section of the website has been established to serve as a source of timely and accurate information on the implementation of the Florida managed Long-Term Care (LTC) program.  The implementation begins August 1st in the Orange County area and will be fully implemented statewide by March1, 2014.

Florida CHAIN has many concerns about this initiative, which we have raised on several occasions since it was first proposed in the Legislature several years ago.  These concerns and the many questions they give rise to were expressed in our spring 2012 letter to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) requesting that they reject Florida’s request for a waiver, which was required before the state could proceed with such a massive change in the Medicaid program.  This letter is the first posted item on the website.  It should be noted that CMS, as far as we know, never responded to the issues raised in the letter before approving the state’s request.

We think it is very important to not let our effort to monitor and critically assess this initiative end with the waiver approval.  We will continue to monitor implementation of the Medicaid managed LTC program and work to ensure that Florida’s elderly and younger disabled persons receive the kind of care and assistance they need and deserve.  We welcome the support and participation of anyone who is interested in helping us achieve this mission in the months and years ahead.